Initial Consultation

If you require garden design services the design process starts with a consultation to discuss your garden plans. Meeting you on site will allow us to get a sense of place, so we can decide what is possible.

Design Proposal

We develop a Design Brief on which to base the concept, style and theme of your garden.  Once your design brief has been agreed we prepare a contract, confirming your requirements for the garden. This covers a site survey, preparation of sketches and working drawings.

Survey and Site Analysis

A survey and site analysis will be taken of your garden. At this stage photos and measurements are gathered. The site survey will be drawn up and any restrictions such as orientation, weather conditions and soil type will be noted.

Presentation Drawings

Following a survey and site analysis of the garden, we will prepare a set of presentation drawings incorporating the outline design of the plan for your garden. These will help you visualise and understand the new layout that is proposed.

Construction Detail Drawings

Once the design is finalized and you are happy with the design, any construction detail drawings and specifications will be prepared, allowing  contractors to base their quotations, ascertaining a fixed price garden build contract. We can source contractors, or equally allow you to arrange your own contractor and build service. During your garden build Steph will liaise to offer you peace of mind throughout the construction phase.

Planting Plan

The next stage of the design is to develop a planting plan. This will show planting placement and a planting schedule. We can source the plants or provide you with a list of suppliers. We can also prepare and plant for you.


We can go on to prepare a maintenance schedule to help you care and nurture your new garden after a garden build. Gardens continually evolve over time and the environment is forever changing. Therefore, a maintenance schedule will provide you with the notes you need to enjoy and sustain your garden as it continues to establish.

Follow up Consultations

We are happy to arrange or be contacted about follow up meetings, consultations and visitations to your garden.